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Our knowledge and experience allows us to take the most complex challenges in the field of metalworking. We specialize in welding, casting and machining of metals. We accept orders from small series to large projects. We try to focus on subcontracting for small, medium and large companies spread throughout the world. We always offer products with the best value for money, which allows maximum use of every your investment.

About 1MK Poland

The company 1MK Poland on the market since 2010. We manufacture and distribution of various types of machinery. Annually, we perform from a few dozen to a few hundred orders. We are able to produce for you any machine. All this thanks to the many services we offer. In addition to the manufacture of machinery, our offer includes prefabrication, laser cutting, bending, welding, metalworking, sheet metal cutting guillotine, shot blasting, powder coating, galvanizing, deburring, and even wastewater treatment. We offer high quality products. Our quality management system complies with ISO 9001. It includes production and services on finished projects, as well as the opportunity to prepare for you any project.

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* The length of the cutting edge of all - is calculated at an average cost of medium level of complexity cut elements.

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